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Testing a 4X Game with Zai Jeffries

A screenshot of Ara: History Untold looking over a city with a menu over lay.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to ensure a vast game like Ara runs smoothly?

You’re in for a behind-the-scenes treat as we dive into the latest episode of our Dev Diary series. This time, we’re covering the complex task of QA testing grand strategy games and sat down with QA Analyst Zai Jeffries to learn more about the world of playtesting.



Zai gave us an exclusive look at the sheer scale of Ara and how testing is divided among the team. From sound design to ensuring citizens behave properly, there’s a lot that goes into making sure each component runs smoothly.

We also learned external testing and player feedback are absolute game-changers in the development process. Zai emphasized how crucial it is to have fresh eyes on the game, pointing out issues and sharing their experiences. It’s a critical part of what he calls the “golden path” of game development.

But it’s not all serious business. Zai also shared some of the strange bugs he’s encountered while playtesting. “Land Shark” is just one of the gems you won’t want to miss! 🦈

If you’re ready to take a journey through the world of QA testing in Ara: History Untold, head over to our YouTube channel, hit that subscribe button, and don’t miss this inside look at the making of a grand strategy masterpiece!