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Insider Program

Cities & Nations with Brian Wade

A screenshot of the Government Menu from Ara: History Untold. Governments shown in detail: Republic (left box) and democracy (Right box)

We’ve got some strategic wisdom fresh out of the oven!

In case you missed it, we dropped a hot new episode of our Dev Diary series earlier this week, and it’s all about managing your cities and Nation in Ara! Our host, Steven Bell (you might know him as @Stakuyi), sat down with none other than Creative Director, Brian Wade, to learn more about the sprawling cities and Nations you’ll be leading through history.



In the episode, Brian guides us through the intricacies of building cities and shares valuable tips on keeping your citizens happy and productive. But what’s a city without a few Improvements, right? We also get an exclusive look at some of the Improvements players can build to make each city feel unique in Ara’s Living World.

Additionally, we learned about some of the available Leader traits for each Nation, which can have a significant impact on your playstyle. And we cover the difficult choice between building up your capital or expanding your Nation’s influence as far as possible.

If you’re ready to improve your city management skills, head over to our YouTube channel, subscribe, and watch the full Dev Diary. And don’t forget to let us know what topics you’d like to see in future episodes!

Stay tuned for more exciting topics in the coming weeks!