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Improvements & Triumphs with Michelle Menard

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold of a construction site.

🎃 Gather ’round, brave explorers and history buffs!

Something eerie has materialized in the latest installment of our Dev Diary series. In this soul-stirring episode, we’ve brought back our awesome Design Director, Michelle Menard, alongside our wonderful host, Steven, who are all dressed up for a Halloween-themed discussion about the hauntingly intriguing Improvements and Triumphs of Ara: History Untold!

Michelle guides us through the vast array of Improvement types players will be able to construct. From essential resource harvesters to crafters and cultural enhancements, players have a multitude of options to customize and fine-tune their cities. Moreover, these Improvements can be upgraded or supplied with workers, allowing players to increase their output and enhance their city’s productivity.

We also got a look at some of the breath-taking Triumphs in Ara! These colossal structures not only stand out for their visual splendor but also provide substantial bonuses to your Nation and a hefty amount of Prestige on top! Spanning all of Human history, they’re both awe-inspiring and incredibly advantageous, but you’ll need to act fast! Only one Nation can complete the Triumph, setting the stage for a race to claim it first. Who will secure it for their Nation? It’s a thrilling pursuit with immense rewards at stake.

So, grab your favorite treats, hit play, and join Michelle and Steven on a mysterious quest through the Improvements and Triumphs of Ara: History Untold. It’s a bone-chilling journey you won’t want to miss! 🎮👻