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Living Worlds with Dorian Newcomb

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold of a temperate forest and wild white tail deer and wolves.

Hey there, Ara: History Untold fans!

We’ve got some super exciting news to share with you. If you haven’t heard, we recently kicked off a weekly Dev Diary series on our YouTube channel! We talk to our developers, spill the tea on everything Ara-related, and even show you some exclusive gameplay footage!

Last week, we dropped Part One of our Dev Diary on Ara’s Living World. We had a blast talking to Dorian Newcomb, Art Director at Oxide Games, on the process of bringing Ara’s world to life through art and design. Trust us, it’s a must-watch!

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But there’s more! We’ve been on this rollercoaster for a few episodes now. We’ve talked Armies and Combat with Director of Production, Satch Puri, and explored Ara’s Simultaneous Turns with Lead Designer, Michelle Menard. If you missed any of these, no worries – they’re all up on our channel, ready for your binge-watching pleasure.


A screenshot of Ara: History Untold showing units in combat


Now, it’s your time to shine. We want your input! What features would you like to see covered in future episodes? Whether it’s unraveling the mysteries of crafting, exploring diplomacy, or geeking out over city management, we’re all ears. Leave a comment, hit us up on social media, or jump into the discussion on our Insider forums – your voice matters.

Get ready for more mind-blowing episodes of our Dev Diary series each week. Subscribe to our channel, hit that notification bell, and come along for the ride as we dive deep into the world of Ara: History Untold. Your support keeps us going, and together, we’ll make history – in more ways than one!