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Ara: History Untold’s Improvements – Mines

A screenshot of a gold mine in Ara: History Untold.


Get your pickaxes ready because we’re digging into the Mines of Ara: History Untold this week!

A screenshot showing highlighted regions where a mine could be placed in Ara: History Untold


Mines play a key role in the development of your cities. As one of the five main harvesting Improvements at your disposal, establishing a Mine early on will help you stockpile Stone and other vital resources. A Mine’s output is directly tied to the region it’s situated in, yielding between 1 and 6 Stone each turn. As with other improvements, the output of a Mine can be significantly increased through upgrades or the addition of diligent workers.

A screenshot of a mine being constructed in Ara: History Untold

Stone is one of the most crucial resources in Ara and is vital for constructing and upgrading your Improvements and Triumphs. Stone is also versatile and can be used to craft Goods and Equipment or establish roads between your Cities.

However, Mines are more than just stone quarries. These Improvements can harvest additional resources that will greatly advance your Nation. Gold and Gemstone are two examples of natural resources that, once unearthed by your Mines, can immediately boost your City’s Prosperity or be skillfully transformed into refined Goods, introducing new layers of strategic complexity.

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold showing a gemstone resource


Humans have been digging resources out of the ground for millennia, but the Ngwenya Mine of Eswatini is the oldest quarry ever discovered and dates back over 40,000 years! This haematite ore deposit was initially used in the Middle Stone Age to extrac  t red ochre and later used for iron smelting and iron ore export.

We look forward to bringing you more features in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!