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Insider Program

Get ready for our next Technical Alpha!

A screenshot of a city hall in the middle of a snowy forest in Ara: History Untold.

Hey Ara: History Untold Fans!

The rumors are true! We’re gearing up to host another Technical Alpha, with more details coming soon.

For now, here are the ways you can ensure that you’re considered to participate:

  1. Join the Insider Program if you haven’t already! Insiders will receive news about our Technical Alpha before anyone else.
  2. Complete your Insider Survey. This is important as only Insiders who have completed this can be considered to participate in the Technical Alpha.
  3. Upload your updated DXDIAG information to your Insider Profile. For Insiders who have participated before, upload an updated one in case you’ve since made hardware changes (new videocard, anyone?) This information enables us to provide the best testing experience.

We’re excited to share more soon! If you have any questions in the meantime, ask us on the Insider Forums!

– The Ara: History Untold Team