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Art Overview with Dorian Newcomb

Concept art of Wu Zetian and Alexander the Great

Grab your brushes, because today we’re talking about the Art of Ara!

In last week’s Dev Diary episode, we were honored to welcome back Dorian Newcomb, the Art Director at Oxide Games, to guide us through the mesmerizing realm of Ara’s artistry. Dorian and Steven engaged in a deep conversation on Ara’s Leaders, UI, and the immersive Living World.

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In this episode Dorian takes us behind the scenes, revealing the inspirations for Ara’s Art and Leader design. The team set out to reimagine these iconic historical figures reawakened as animated illustrations, capturing them at the height of their power. Concept artist Steve Langmeade created the initial designs, and the team had access to hundreds of historical references through ancient sculptures and other works of art.

Ara’s diverse nations were the next focus, with the team aiming to make each one feel recognizable and unique. The team focused on capturing key structures from each civilization and allowing players to create their own quilt of a Nation with iconic architecture. Buildable Improvements, such as Farms and Workshops, use unique structures, aiding players in identifying which buildings they’ll be interacting with.

City screen of Ara: History Untold

Dorian shared the fascinating journey of creating art for a game of Ara’s magnitude. A collaborative effort between several artists, all working on different aspects of Ara’s Living World. Some elements click instantly, while others undergo months of refinement. Lighting emerged as a crucial element, serving as the connective tissue that binds all the pieces into one cohesive world. The team’s tireless work over the past year has made Ara’s Living World feel vibrant, alive, and seamlessly interconnected!

Ready to immerse yourself in the artistry of Ara? Head over to our YouTube channel for the full video. And, as always, let us know which topics you’d love to see in upcoming episodes!