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Xbox Developer Direct Recap

Thumbnail for Ara Developer Direct Segment - coming FAll 2024

Hey there, Ara fans!

In case you missed it, Ara: History Untold was featured in the Xbox Developer Direct earlier this month, where we unveiled some never-before-seen footage and concept art from the game!

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To kick things off, we got a brand-new look at the Living World: a procedurally generated alternate Earth that dynamically reflects your in-game choices. It’s not just a map; it’s a vibrant tapestry where thousands of Citizens react to the changes you make over the course of the game.

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold of the living world

We also learned more about Ara’s Prestige system, offering you the flexibility to shape your leadership style. In Ara, there are no set victory conditions, allowing you to pursue individual goals while still being able to win the game. Players can earn Prestige through cultural and scientific achievements, building Triumphs, or emerging victorious in war.

Screenshot of prestige menu in Ara: History Untold

Engage with Ara’s Crafting System, a unique challenge rarely seen in the 4X genre. Crafting unfolds at a National scale, where players refine and combine harvested natural resources into various goods and components. Use these to construct Triumphs or enhance your citizens with strategic buffs!

Screenshot of crafting screen in Ara: History Untold

Meet Leaders from diverse backgrounds in Ara. Beyond the usual military and government figures, philosophical, scientific, and cultural prodigies add depth to your choices. Each Leader in Ara has a number of special abilities determined by their personality traits, as well as a powerful and unique Leader trait informed by their contributions to world history.

Artistic concept art of leaders

You can check out the full video on our YouTube channel for exclusive in-game footage, and be sure to join our Insider Program for the latest updates. Your journey in Ara awaits!