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Ara: History Untold’s Improvements – Logging Camps

A screenshot of a Logging Camp improvement in the temperate forest of Ara: History Untold.

Grab your safety goggles and chainsaws because this week we’re clearing the way for Logging Camps in Ara: History Untold!

Logging Camps are one of the most important harvesting Improvements in the game, providing your Nation with a steady supply of Wood each turn. This resource is essential for growing your Nation, which is why players can start construction on these Improvements as soon as the game begins.

The yield for Logging Camps can range from 1 to 6 Wood, contingent upon the region and the Improvement level. And that’s just the beginning – the potential for a higher Wood harvest isn’t solely confined to your Logging Camps. Other Improvements, Triumphs, Traits, and Technologies can increase the amount of Wood harvested each turn.

Unlike other harvesting Improvements, there are no additional resources to collect from Logging Camps. Upgrades will provide a higher yield and an additional worker slot, giving you access to more Wood every turn!

But why is Wood so crucial? Well, it isn’t just a simple resource in Ara – from construction to upgrading Improvements and Triumphs, Wood is the backbone of your Nation’s advancement. It’s also essential for crafting various goods and equipment used to create new armies and enrich your cities.

A screenshot of all the regions a Logging Camp can be placed in.


Did you know the origins of Logging Camps trace back to ancient times? A Roman water-powered sawmill dating back to 280 CE was unearthed at Hierapolis in modern-day Turkey. These early lumber mills were often constructed beside rivers and harnessed the power of water to drive their saws, offering a glimpse into the ingenuity of civilizations past.

Tune in next week for another look inside the world of Ara: History Untold!