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Ara: History Untold’s Improvements – Camps

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold of a camp in a busy city.

This week, we’ll dive into another fascinating harvesting Improvement: Camps, which harken back to the era of prehistoric hunter-gatherers.

So, what exactly are Camps? They operate similarly to Trading Posts, providing your nation with Coin each turn. But these Improvements focus on hunting wild game, which bring in additional food or textile resources every few turns. Double win! Like other improvements, you can upgrade Camps or supply them with workers to increase their output.

The intricate details of Ara’s Living World are on display when viewing Camps. Even before construction begins, these regions thrive as animals roam freely in their natural habitats. Once camps are strategically placed, citizens actively engage with the Improvements, becoming hunters who skillfully extract resources from the bountiful wilderness.

Resources gathered from Camps, such as Leather or Fur, can be crafted into Goods and Equipment for your Nation, provided that you’ve built the necessary crafting Improvement. Fur Coats and Fine Clothing can boost your Prosperity and add bonuses to the city of your choice, so it’s best to gather these resources as soon as possible.

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold of a temperate forest and wild white tail deer and wolves.

Did you know the oldest known hunting camp was unearthed in Israel on the shore of the Sea of Galilee? The site itself consisted of several well-preserved huts with evidence of hunting and fishing gear and was dated to be 23,000 years old!

We’re excited to see how players incorporate these Camps into their Nation. Stay tuned for more information on Ara: History Untold in the coming weeks!