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What we learned from our second Technical Alpha

Screenshot of the Hanging Gardens of Nineveh Triumph from the Ara: History Untold Pre-Alpha

Hello everyone!

We have been wonderfully busy sifting through all of your feedback for our latest Technical Alpha and cannot be more grateful to everyone who participated.

To share more details with you all, we’ve invited Meghan Sullivan to interview Oxide developers Michelle Menard and Dorian Newcomb in this video installment of our Developer Diaries.



Some highlights from this interview:

  • The game doubled in size – there was twice as much content, twice the amount of turns played on average, and twice the amount of players invited.
  • Players experienced Act Transition – once you reach a certain threshold, there is a moment of pause and reflection before moving forward into a more advanced world.
  • We introduced procedural map generation, so there was an endless amount of maps to explore.
  • The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh beat out Stonehenge for most popular Triumph.
  • In classic British fashion, Elizabeth the 1st was the most popular leader, knocking George Washington from his post.
  • Players chose swine over swords, making Farms the more popular Improvements over Forges


If you didn’t get into this Technical Alpha, no worries, there will be more chances to play the game. We’ll have more general updates in between as well, so stay tuned to the Insider Program and Ara social media channels for more information. 😊

Thank you for being such a wonderful community. Until next time,

-The Ara: History Untold Team