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Narrative Events with Gabriela Leskur

A screenshot of Ara: History Untold's Leader event screen.

We’re back with a brand-new Dev Diary! Join GamerZakh and Oxide Games’ Gabriela Leskur as they look inside Ara’s fascinating Narrative Event system. This system introduces new events that challenge players to make pivotal decisions as they take on the role of leading a new nation.

Narrative Events present players with multiple choices that can greatly impact the trajectory of their nation, including relationships with other leaders, prestige boosts, equipment, and other varied outcomes. Gabriela explained how the team drew inspiration from real historical scenarios and designed the events to reflect complex decisions faced by leaders throughout history.

These events come from various sources, such as tribes you encounter, other nations you meet, and citizens from your own nation. Act Goals, a specific type of event, involve nations in friendly competition to see who can build a Triumph first, resulting in a significant boost to their prestige.

A screenshot of Ara: History Untold's tribe quest screen

The choices presented during these events may often require specific materials or goods to be fulfilled. These resources can either be produced within your nation or discovered in caches scattered throughout the wild. As the game progresses, events will evolve in accordance with the Act structure, with later events demanding more advanced technologies or goods.

For more info on Ara’s dynamic Narrative Event system, be sure to check out the full video on our YouTube channel. We can’t wait for players to experience the intricacies of the Narrative Event system when Ara releases later this year!