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Insider Program

Join us for Technical Alpha 2

Screenshot from the Ara: History Untold Announcement Trailer showing a crowd gathering around a fountain.

Welcome to the world of Ara: History Untold!

We’ve been listening to your feedback and are now releasing all of our Developer Diaries publicly. We are incredibly excited for everyone to be able to read about our process and take a look at how players are helping us shape the game! In “Defining Ara” parts one and two, we talked about finding our unique niche and the interesting constraints that come with that. In our blog about tone, we explained how we landed on the writing style featured in the game. Following our first Technical Alpha, we shared how we prototype and iterate on systems like Citizen Stats.

We’ve made major strides since the last round, and will be hosting another Technical Alpha in January! This time around, we are hoping to increase the pool of participants, so if you weren’t able to play or you joined the insider program after the last Technical Alpha wrapped, we welcome you to sign up.

Those of you who did have the chance to play and provide feedback gave us invaluable information that has truly shaped the course of this game. We hope you return to witness the changes we’ve made and to voice your thoughts on our upcoming Insider Forums! That’s right, we’ll also be opening up our forums to all Insiders in the coming weeks.

Every player’s perspective is valuable to us, so regardless of experience with our game or grand strategy in general, we invite you to join our Insider Program, participate in our forums, and even sign up for the Technical Alpha.

We’re looking forward to your feedback and hope you love what we come up with.

-The Ara: History Untold Team