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Insider Program

Insider Program with Andy Cataldo

A screenshot of Ara: History Untold's crafting screen

A brand new Dev Diary has arrived!

In our most recent episode, we took a look at Ara’s Insider Program and all the amazing features awaiting fans who sign up. To help guide us through this, we sat down with Andy Cataldo, Community and Marketing Manager at Oxide Games, to unwrap all the layers of Ara’s Insider Program.



So what exactly is waiting for you upon entry? You’ll get to chat directly with our developers, participate in message boards, get sneak peeks of exclusive content, and be part of Ara’s development. The Insider Program is a hub for everything community-related – from news and announcements to discussions, surveys, and even the latest scoop on Technical Alpha news!

Ara’s evolution is the result of an ongoing partnership between developers and fans, aimed at crafting the optimal gameplay experience. Your feedback and ideas serve as our guiding compass throughout this developmental journey. Andy explained how the team is constantly testing new features and modes, and collecting feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what could be improved. It’s a cycle – you speak, we listen, and then we test new versions to make sure Ara becomes the game you’ve been dreaming of.

When you’re ready to jump in, head over to, complete a quick survey, and attach your DxDiag to ensure your system is all set for future tests. Oh, and here’s a heads up – we’ve got one more Dev Diary lined up before the year waves goodbye. Subscribe, stay tuned, and catch the full video for the latest info on our Insider Program!