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Historical Research with Grace Rojas

A screenshot of Leader Benito Juarez from Ara: History Untold.

Great news, Ara fans!

Earlier this week, we released a brand new Dev Diary episode and it’s packed with fascinating insights on Ara’s development! In this episode we sat down with Grace Rojas, Narrative Designer and Historian on Ara, to discuss the historical research process behind the game.

At the top of the episode we provided a sneak preview of a new series kicking off later this week, focused on the Encarta, Ara’s in-game encyclopedia. This series will showcase the historical inspiration behind various game elements, including leaders, triumphs, and masterpieces, while also giving you tips and tricks for using them in-game.

Grace explained how the team went about the research process, detailing how they chose which time periods and technologies to include across Ara’s three major acts. The team aimed for a balance between historical accuracy and gameplay, acknowledging that once players engage with tech choices, they create their own alternative history. Leader selection was also a meticulous process, with the team wanting to spotlight underrepresented figures like Benito Juarez, Sappho, and Sejong the Great. Each leader’s traits and abilities are rooted in their historical actions and personalities, influencing their strategies and behaviors in-game.

A screenshot showing the Tech choice in Ara: History Untold The creation of the Encarta was a significant challenge, balancing detailed historical content with accessibility for players. Grace highlighted the importance of capturing players’ interest in history through unique cultural interactions and narrative events. We hope that the historical content in Ara will inspire players to learn more about history and encourage curiosity about new subjects and nations!

For our more insightful players, Ara includes several hidden historical Easter eggs and references to discover, adding an extra layer of depth and authenticity to the experience. These subtle details, discovered during the research process, contribute to Ara’s living world and historical richness.

Don’t miss out on this insightful Dev Diary! Be sure to watch the full video on our YouTube channel and check out the rest of the Encarta series!