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Ara: History Untold’s Scouts

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold pre-alpha showing a scout unit making first contact with a new nation.

Throughout history, nations have employed scouts to expand their knowledge of the world around them. In Ara, players can accomplish this task by sending scouts to explore new regions, uncover hidden resources, collect loot caches, and hunt dangerous wildlife.

When you establish your first settlement in Ara, you gain access to a single scout unit. Send them forth to explore nearby regions, peeling back the fog of war that shrouds the map. As your scout ventures further, they may stumble upon Independent Settlements or make first contact with other nations, presenting new prospects for alliances or rivalry.

The path of exploration is paved with possibilities, but one scout can only do so much. For those eager to accelerate the exploration process, the solution lies in the workshop. By crafting a scout staff, you can enlist additional scout units to expand your reach and gather information rapidly.

A screenshot from Ara: History Untold pre-alpha showing the scout unit approaching a hidden resource.

Beyond exploration lies the potential to harvest hidden resources and collect valuable loot caches. Your scouts can survey regions, revealing precious resources, such as salt or copper, that can be used to craft goods once harvested. Loot caches can provide precious resources and equipment, but you must act fast! Every nation is racing to claim these caches, so swift action will be required to secure them before the competition.

Certain zones are inhabited by dangerous wildlife, fiercely guarding their territory and preventing players from building improvements. However, where danger lurks, opportunities also arise. Your brave scouts can engage in wildlife hunting, which grants you valuable furs and opens up the ability to construct new improvements within these zones. For more info on Dangerous Wildlife, check out our previous post here:

Scouts are essential for early-game exploration, and we’re excited to see how players utilize them in Ara: History Untold. Stay tuned for more info in the coming weeks!